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Posted: 7/31/2013
Introducing Local SEO Marketing Matrix
By pam
For Immediate Release:  Local SEO Atlanta introduces Marketing Matrix program to bring more business to your door.
Through Marketing Matrix we have unlocked the potential in organic SEO with a proven strategy for businesses that want to grow. Our strategy is so effective, we have even helped many businesses with a limited budget effectively compete in a market with much larger businesses. 
It all starts with effective research by experienced marketing consultants. We use unique website management tools as the bedrock foundation to launch a specialized, targeted local marketing strategy for your company that includes website conversion to mobile media, video production, blog and social media management, Pay Per Click advertising and organic search engine optimization. We know what works to drive your business to the top of the search engine pages, and bring business to your door.
Website Development
Mobile Web Conversion
Top Ranking
Video Production and Placement
Blog Copy Writing and Management
Social Media Management
PPC Campaigns
Organic SEO
There are what seems like an endless combination of plans and pricing that can work for your business. Call Local SEO today at 404-662-2247 for a free consultation.
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