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Posted: 3/26/2015
Give Me a Good Reason To Blog
By Patricia Meek
At Georgia Hosting, I'm usually the blog writer for our clients. With degrees in Journalism and Art, plus experience as an Atlanta magazine editor, I have the necessary tools to make a sensible article out of just about any subject.
But when people ask me why they should have a blog, hey, I'm new to this ever-changing world of computers, too. I don't have all the answers except to say that from a webmaster's point of view, every time your name goes out on the internet again, it positively affects rankings. You don't have to write War and Peace, just a couple of short paragraphs that put your name out there again and again. That's how marketing works. Someone may not hear you the first time, but maybe they'll notice you the 20th time. When you tie your blog in to your facebook, twitter and whatever-the-latest-thing-is accounts, you market exponentially with just one article and a lot less work.
That's part of my job doing local seo for Georgia Hosting. Posting may be a little time-consuming but it's the best thing when your company has a limited advertising budget, and a great thing if you're a larger company that is trying to be more consumer-friendly.
However, I want to give you more than just the two concepts of boosting ranking and repetitive marketing. So I went to my great oracle - the internet itself - to ask what others have to say about Reasons To Blog. Here are some results:
Allows you to get more in-depth on a single subject or product
Big company news or sudden changes
Highlight or give kudos to an employee
Brag about a high-profile or difficult project
Show Before and After shots
Collect general customer opinions ("How are we doing?")
Expose new concepts and get feedback before it goes into production
Target certain topics for long-range discussion over several postings
Tell about community service projects your company is involved in
Put out a call for a network 'think tank' of  experts on a crucial issue
Draw in new customers who dsicover your blog when they do a topic search
Here is my personal reason to blog: The more I must write about a topic, the more focused I become. I get it out of my head and down on 'paper' as such. Seeing it on the page gives me a new perspective with which to form decisions, and it may be the launching point of an all-new train of innovative thought.  For a lot of very good reasons, it is worth taking the time to blog.
Posted: 7/22/2013
Is Blogging Worth The Time?
By pam
You're busy - you've got a company to run. Who has time to sit down and write little essays on a regular basis? What is there to say? Just about every website has a blog these days, though. Is it that important to keep up with the competition?
What You Don't Need A Blog For
Your website pages are meant to advertise products and services, tell about your company, and solicit sales. That's what competitors do, too. However, your competitors have also turned to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking systems to get the word out about their company and increase online presence. You must keep up. So isn't a blog redundant?  What can it possibly do that these venues can't?
Reaching Out In A Meaningful Way
Use your website for sales information and to announce news about your company and its products or services. Website = Advertising. The social networks are limited to a few short sentences - little more than a blurb, that can be shared from friend to friend and hopefully go 'viral.'   Social Net = Marketing. 
Blogs are the venue of choice for imparting knowledge on related subjects, putting forth general questions, mulling over outside news or regulations that may affect your industry, and asking for consumer opinions. Blog = Town Hall Meeting. It's the place for customers to learn about your expertise, and to develop a reader relationship with a foundation rooted in personality, not  sales pitches. Readers will come back often if the content is a) helpful and b) refreshed frequently with new information.
In an isolated medium like the Internet, in a modern culture that has become increasingly impersonal, blogging brings people together again in 'communities' of targeted interests. It is the 'warm, fuzzy feeling' that customers have been missing.
So Let Your Light Shine
Be who you are. Tell what you know. Share what you care about. Ask for the exchange of ideas. They are so enriching! Get to know your customers. As they get to know you better, they become more likely to be loyal clients.
Share your expertise about your industry.  Post interviews with experts on related issues, or include guest writers. Let people know about upcoming issues.
Increase Search Engine Ranking
Each time you post a page on your website, it adds to your ranking. That alone is a good reason to take the time to write on a regular basis. As you post articles on items that are commonly queried, you get more Internet traffic, too.  Others may cross-link, picking up your blog on a regular basis, and talking about it on their blogs. Word gets around.
So go for it. Try it out. Slow at first. Maybe ask some questions and see how your audience responds. Let me know how you do!
~ pmeek
Posted: 9/23/2012
Blogging is a key to turning your website into a traffic magnet
By By Staff

Blogging is a key to turning your website into a traffic magnet

Tags: Online Marketing, Site Traffic

In the early days of the web (say, ten years ago), it was  very common to come across websites that were basically electronic versions of a calling card. Beyond the company name, a short sales pitch  and some basic contact information, there was very little to it. The message of these websites was basically, “Here I am. Take it or leave it.”

With today's explosion of viral social media and video, the most successful commercial websites become traffic magnets by reaching their visitors – and clinch their sales – by simultaneously using a number of different online marketing techniques. One of the most popula and successful – and the least understood – is adding a Blog to your website.

Your Blog as a "Traffic Magnet"

The blog (short for web-log) can be your businesses personal online journal. Frequently updated, blogs most often is posted to a single page in a  reverse-chronological order, in order to create an on going “autobiography” of the site, or the site host. Blogs can be devoted to anything under the sun – and can serve as a traffic magnet and an important tool for bringing in more online web traffic.

When you add a blog to your site, and feed it regularly with new keyword rich postings, you’ll instantly make your site a traffic magnet and more interesting that will give your first-time visitors a reason to come back for more.

When blogging, you can – and should – always include a mechanism for comments. This builds a viral community, increases your visitors’ sense of loyalty, and makes the “conversation” more interesting for everyone. Even more importantly, these comments can give you very important feedback about your site – or the products and services you sell. This can be parleyed into a stronger presentation that will appeal to more people, drive additional traffic to your site, and ultimately increase sales.

The Great Blog-Link Conspiracy

Many Publishers of blogs will frequently approach other bloggers with the following proposal: “please link to me, I’ll link to you.”

Of course, getting positive links to your site posted around the internet is a positive thing. But there’s much more. You can generate more online traffic by looking for blogs that discuss the topics related to your own area of expertise. Join in the discussion. Post Comments frequently. Do your best to be helpful. And by all means, be sure that every time that you comment, you include your name, contact information, and a direct link back to your site.

Conduit – Add “Draw” to Your Blogging Efforts

Conduit community toolbars can increase the effectiveness of blogging as a traffic magnet. Every time you add a new blog post, you can alert all of your toolbar subscribers with a “teaser link” that appears in the toolbar as a link or widget, that encourages your subscribers to click through to your site.

Conduit toolbars are also an excellent way to “dress up” your blog and make it more attractive. With Conduit, you can easily incorporate news feeds, music, streaming audio and video, podcasts, games and applications into your toolbar – all of which can be become part of your blog. You can even take advantage of Conduit’s standing agreements with syndicated content providers, and offer your visitors a selection of top-quality articles and media, absolutely free.

Best of all, by publishing a Conduit toolbar, your blog becomes part of the Conduit network’s 38 million subscriber base – making it an even greater traffic magnet and possible to bring in more directed traffic, from more parts of the internet, than ever before.

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