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Posted: 7/29/2013
Organic Marketing Also Known As Inbound Marketing
Organic Marketing is a popular term for marketing through electronic media to bring customers to you.
Prospective customer behavior is what drives your marketing strategy. Who is your typical customer? What does he/she want?
The first and most intensive layer of this marketing strategy is SEO (search engine optimization), social media and SEM (search engine marketing ad campaigns). This reaches the largest audience.
The next layer of strategy is additional landing pages and an embedded blog within your website, and the development of a social community.
Customers who have been reached by SEO or POS (indirect marketing such as your company's reputation or ) AND have become more-than-once customers typically visit social communities such as facebook. There, they become involved through Like or comments and begin to receive  information about your company on a regular basis. These customers often eagerly move to the final tier of marketing: regular email or text  alerts and automated coupons.
Customers within the final tier are those you have established a rapport with. They are loyal. In addition to purchasing your product, they help to broaden your company's reputation.
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