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Posted: 10/29/2013
Georgia Hosting Internet Advertising
By pmeek

Georgia Hosting has a proven record of effective Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing. We operate primarily - but not exclusively - in Atlanta Georgia. We recognize the unique nature of GEO-Targeted search engine optimization (SEO), which is  the cornerstone for our Internet-based advertising and marketing program. Through our exclusive MARKETING MATRIX™, we provide a complete portfolio of services including:

 • Custom Web Design
 • Social Media
 • Organic SEO Services
 • Video Production
 • Local Business Directory
 • Mobile Web 
 • Online PPC Advertising
 • Blogging in addition to Copy and Distribution

Georgia Hosting can help your business where other Advertising Agencies have failed. We are on the cutting-edge of marketing technology using the latest Internet, Social Media, Video and Mobile automation. Call us today at 770-356-5173 to learn more.
Posted: 10/17/20130 Entries
Here Are Your Answers To Questions About Internet Marketing
By Gregory C Bennett Sr.
Here Are Your Answers To Questions About Internet Marketing
With more and more businesses choosing to market their products and services online, it is more important than ever to create and implement effective Internet marketing strategies. If your business needs to improve the efficiency of its current strategy, this selection of handpicked tips and tricks will produce the results that you desire. In order to analyze your website and best promote it online, set up a suite of site analytics tools. These tools will show you what your viewers see when they look at your site, track what search engines and what keywords drive visitors, as well as, which pages people visit while they are viewing your site. These tools will be extremely helpful in marketing your site.
TIP! To best increase traffic and interest in your website, make sure that it loads quickly. All of the pages on your site should load in no more than ten seconds.
Get good content for your website. Content is what people come to your site for in the first place. Offer them something relevant to their wants and needs that benefits them. Before trying to sell your product or service, give your site visitors something that will make them want to stay around. A great tip for Internet marketing is to make your web site more user friendly. With a more user friendly web site, users will feel more comfortable visiting and navigating your site. There are a lot of scams online so you want to do everything you can to make your visitors feel safe. If you are trying to put out your product on the internet, it is important that your internet site does not get lost in statistics. You must always keep in mind that the main point of your internet site is to catch your visitors attention. You must not bog your site down with too much data. Failure to properly adopt an Internet marketing strategy can essentially make or break your company or brand. To remain competitive in the digital age, an online marketing campaign is an absolute must. Follow the advice from this article and your business is sure to enjoy improved consumer response and higher sales from your efforts.
Posted: 10/15/2013
Internet Marketing For The Savvy Atlanta Business Owner.
By Gregory C Bennett Sr.
Internet Marketing For The Savvy Atlanta Business Owner.
If you want to see success in internet marketing, you have to get ahead of the competition. A competitive nature is important when designing your site and planning your marketing campaign. It can help you to produce a viable business that lasts. So, how do you make your Atlanta business stand out amongst the crowd? The following tips can help, so read on. To help you jumpstart your Internet marketing, take a moment to check out your competition. By visiting their websites and seeing how they use keywords in their copy, you can get your own creative juices flowing. It will also give you the insight you need into who will be your real online competition when the time comes.
TIP! Individualize your Internet marketing. Make it personal and meaningful to the customers.
Target local directories for businesses. Using these free resources can generate much needed traffic with very little effort. You will see a push in your visitors and also get a good feel for where your paid marketing should focus. The important part is to make sure that the listings are free as you want to utilize the most free advertising you can find. One way to increase the number of clicks on your ads is to link product images to a separate page that contains information about the product. Ensure you use the font that you use in your articles and linking it. Doing this will give you the ad on your page but will not make the page look spammy. Get your credits when they are due! Some websites don't consider all the sales you may help bring them from mediums other than online. Make sure you find a company that is willing to pay you for all the revenue you bring to them, regardless of the method used.
TIP! Small businesses looking to expand their base through internet marketing can get a fast leg up by analyzing the marketing approaches used by the competition. Check out company websites and marketing materials for similar businesses in your locale.
Do it yourself websites are a good way to start and get your foot in the door. But if you have more than a storefront location somewhere that you just want to advertise and give directions to, you may want to eventually pay a professional to make a unique site just for your business. Polished and easy-to-use websites will foster more business than those who use the same template as 1000 others out there. A successful internet campaign can be yours if you have a competitive nature. Standing out is essential if you want to be at the top of the search engine results and drive more traffic to your business site. In this article, we have provided you with some valuable tips that can help you to quickly climb to the top. Your Atlanta business is sure to see an increased level of success if you follow them.
Posted: 9/22/2012
We Call it The Traffic Magnet
Did you know that 77% of all internet users follow one or more Blogs? If you're not capitalizing on the growing community, you're missing out  
on huge business. Bloggers are passionate about sharing, and if you have one as a client and can turn them into a raving fan, they can propel your business to new heights. We'll create and manage your video blog for you, all with push button simplicity so you can leverage this influence engine giant for your benefit.
Posted: 9/21/2012
5 Proven Online Strategies To Increase Your Local Sales
By Staff
Want your local business to Get Noticed & Be Found and Dominate local online searches?
Local SEO has 5 proven strategies that help your potential customers find you and convert to sales as well as staying in touch with your current customer base.
Local SEO believes that the best and most effective web position is on page one at the top of all the major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo with your organics listing. Accomplishing that feat is easier said than done. Local SEO, has developed a guaranteed online strategy that will place your business at top of the organics in the search engines with strategic keywords and a domain matrix strategy that utilizes key phrase domains, content rich websites, video, blogging, social media, influence engines like Google Places and a auto responder follow up program.
When all these systems are implemented into one guaranteed online marketing campaign and submitted to all the major the search engines, then,  your business will dominate the local searches and will Get Noticed & Be Found!
Our 5 proven strategies include:
  1. Winning with Organics.  There are two ways to promote your business online with the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. One way is to use a pay-per-click ad campaign that charges you every time someone clicks on your ad. While this type of ad campaign can be very effective and necessary, it can also be very expensive and your competitors or  other marketers can click you right out of your budget as well as. Winning with organics is the solution. By utilizing local keywords and key phrase searches, SEO Local can build a strategic campaign around what your customer are using to find your products or services. This method will ensure your accent to the top of the search engines and guarantee more traffic that will ultimately turn into sales.
  2. Social Media Management. Establishing a Social Media Footprint is essential these days. Major corporations like Walmart, Target and General Motors are spending millions of dollars on their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels to better communicate with their customers and offer special deals. The same Social Media Strategy applies you local small businesses. Local SEO designs, builds and Implements your Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube accounts to reflect your Brand and communicate with your customer base in the places where they hang out online.
  3. Influence Engines Optimization.

Using affordable video production, powerful scripts and effective Internet marketing strategies Local SEO secures your place on the Web. Imagine trust and respect you will establish with your customers when you can engage them directly day or night through Video Marketing.
Using the power of Influence Engines such as Google and YouTube and social media like Facebook, you can go Viral in not time reaching markets never before possible.  
Local Search Visibility
Social Media Marketing
Blog Marketing
Follow Up Lead Capture System
Posted: 9/19/2012
Social Media Marketing
With over 400,000,000 members, Facebook is a giant that cannot be ignored. Social Networks have changed the way people research and make buying decisions. When leveraged in your favor you'll have the opportunity to build more trust, respect, and credibility than ever before. Imagine being able to have feedback on how to improve your business, and sell more on a daily basis. Imagine being able to turn every customer into a potential raving fan who will advertise for you. We make it happen, and we do it all for you.
Posted: 9/18/2012
Local SEO teams up with slimVmedia Marketing Engine
By Staff
Local SEO announces a new partnership with slimVmedia, a media marketing engine driven by affordable video production, professional script writing and successful Internet Marketing strategies. "We are combining proven Internet strategies with cutting-edge technologies to help small businesses succeed on Web", says Phil Meek, President of Georgia Hosting LLC, a Local SEO partner.
Posted: 9/16/2012
Get Noticed, Be Found!
With over 97% of all Business Searches being online, its more important than ever to make sure Your Business is listed online. Get noticed and be found with our online marketing strategies, the same programs that hundreds of small businesses have used to successfully capture Internet business. 

Get noticed and be found online through local directories, Google Places optimization, video marketing, blogging, article submissions, cross-linking, and social media such as facebook, twitter and many others.
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