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Our Atlanta-based company specializes in full service custom website development, cloud hosting, corporate email hosting, consulting and custom applications for Small Business -- especially those companies whose content must be updated often. We've been doing it since websites first came online some 25 years ago.
Owner Phil Meek was a computer programmer, professional photographer and computer networking business owner, who left the IT business behind in the 1990s to apply his art to technology in the form of web development. Phil designed perhaps the first client-managed website on the market, allowing clients to make their own updates instantly. He still focuses on that concept today, with web products designed to be flexible in a constantly changing business environment.
Running a small business puts a huge burden on just a few people to produce big results. We are sensitive to those needs. Phil's combination of broad IT skills, a lifetime of programming experience, and long-time relationships with other pros, in addition to his history as a longtime business owner himself, makes him and his staff uniquely qualified to manage any small business website challenge.

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